About the Winery Born in 2018

We started W18 started from scratch, planting two extensive vineyards in the Vinohrádky area in Spring 2018. We gradually expanded the estate planting vines in Zímarky, Pod Novou horou and Zadní Hora. Today, we farm 15 hectares around the city of Velké Bílovice.

Needless to say, our vineyards benefit from Southern Moravia’s prestigious terroir. Moravia is located on a similar latitude as Alsace, Champagne and the German wine regions of Nahe and Pfalz. The continental climate shines for its warm days and cold nights, and the long growing season allows our grapes to mature slowly, achieving their fullest potential.
At W18, we farm organically and use Mother Nature to our advantage. Viticulturist and oenologist Tomáš Lišťák supervises the wine production from grape to bottle with quality in mind through the entire process.